Ntop core dump

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    After installing ntop the first day ntop run for several hours, then core dumped with exit 11,,after first day now  ntop will only run for several minutes then core dumps. Looking at RRD graphs in regards to resources the processes are never any were close to being even 70% at any given time.
    Anyone know how to troubleshoot this,or possibly use different parameters in the ntop config,to tame this down possibly?

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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Known issue on 1.2.3, no fix there. Upgrade to 2.0.1, ntop works much  better.

  • Thanks jimp,

    two new pfSense machines are in the works as we speak,,,doing pfSense-2.0.1
    1.2.3 has worked like a champ really…
    Seems I m always a generation behind..times .:)

    Take Care,

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