Suggestion for PFSense interface….

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    When creating new rules and other things, it seems to be a lot of navigation bethween pages in the GUI and alot seems to have difficulty setting up things that are related to what they want to do.

    Why not do it like this? Then you will have everything related to the task you want done in one popup window…

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    This is just for a web publishing rule….

    Could be done for PFSense + Varnish package and make it very easy for the users to overlook all the options gathered in one place.

  • Because we don't tie things together in the same fashion ISA does, you're more restricted and have less flexibility with ISA in many regards. What we do is more along the lines of a Cisco ASA, where we're very comparable to ASDM, except we have a lot more features. Firewalling and NAT have no relation to reverse proxying or server load balancing, the two aren't sensible to integrate in our case.

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    Why not? Then you could use PFSense both as a frontend and backend firewall :)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That's what packages are for (varnish, haproxy, etc), you can already do that sort of thing, just not in the base system.

    And just because it would make it easier for what you want to do, it may make it more confusing for someone else. You can't please everyone all the time :-)

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