Pfsense + 3com PCMCIA NIC = disaster

  • I'm moving into pfsense, so I got an old Thinkpad T40, and bought a new 3com 3c575c PCMCIA NIC, hooked everything up.

    Problem is, the 3com fails miserably. It errors all over the place (buffer underruns, transmission errors, etc.), while the onboard Intel Pro 100/VE runs like a champ.

    Can you guys tell me what is a good, reliable PCMCIA NIC I can use in this laptop that will work as good as the onboard Intel? I did my research and people recommended the 3com; I thought this would turn out good, but it turns out the 3com really sucks.


  • Surprisingly, i've had good results with one of these (it uses a Realtek chipset):

  • That's actually one of the few that I was looking at before I started this entire project, but the fact that it had a Realtek chipset completely turned me off from it; that's why I went 3com.

    I went out and bought an old Intel PCMCIA, the MBLA3400, which is running the Intel 82559 chipset. Hopefully this will solve my problems.

  • I just wanted to update this thread and let everyone know what is probably already been stressed over and over again here:

    TRUST ONLY INTEL NICs. PERIOD. They are the be-all, end-all of NIC problems. ;D I replaced the 3com with the Intel one, and bam: 0 errors, 0 collisions. pfSense installed, configured over the weekend, and running smoothly.

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