Varnish Configuration

  • Hello, first time posting and I hope this isn't a duplicate, I didn't see anything similar.

    I've installed the varnish 2.1 stable package, while using the webui config tool i noticed the rc.d file generated contained :

    -a :80

    The webui only allowed me to put in a port number,  It seems strange to me why this was chosen as you can use ip:port which would avoid the need to disable the redirect or exclude any other service you wanted to bind other services to other vip's you could?

    maybe there is some issue with CARP and having to let varnish listen on all ip addresses, but I don't have enough equipment to try that.

    I hope this can be changed.


  • Current varnish package version listen on all interfaces but you can setup any varnish config arg on custom field at gui.

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