2 pfsense, different LAN:s but WAN on same subnet (SOLVED)

  • We're replacing our 2 IPcop:s with pfsense, the 2 firewalls protects different LAN:s.
    We have several public ip:s in 3 subnets, they all come in on one line from isp to our switch: - to fw1, WAN adress here - to fw2, WAN adress here - here's the problem!
    Today: - to fw1 (pfsense, VirtualIP) - to fw2 (IPCop, eth2:0)

    Now we want to have ip on a third firewalls (fw3) WAN - this is a pfsense-box to replace the IPCop box with after testing.
    But this doesn't work - all traffic to  goes to fw1. ( correctly goes to fw2.)
    I suppose this is a pretty simple issue, just can't figure out the best way to fix it?
    Different masks, add routing (for one host??), not use VirtualIP but … ?

  • I gave this a second thought, and realized this just can't be possible!
    So down to the cellar again, testing a third cable and another port on the switch - now it works!

    Nothing wrong with config, most likely the switch "remembering" where that host is. (Sometimes I miss those good ol' hubs!  ;) )

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