• I am aware that there is another thread on this topic but i thought it prudent to open a new one.

    Here is my error when i click Lightsquid Report:

    LigthSquid diagnostic.
    Error : report folder '/var/lightsquid/report' not contain any valid data! Please run (and check 'report' folder content)
    Please check config file !
    Variable value
    $tplpatph /usr/local/www/lightsquid/tpl
    $templatename base
    $langpatph /usr/local/share/lightsquid/lang
    $langname eng
    $reportpath /var/lightsquid/report
    Access to '/var/lightsquid/report' folder yes
    $graphreport 1

    folder content:

    Squid is logging in /var/squid/log correctly

    Reports are being generated in /var/lightsquid/report.

    Has anyone managed to resolve this issue?


  • Do you have any log on squid to generate reports?

    read this topic with exactly same problem,44480.0.html

  • Thanks for your response.  I figured it out last night; embarrassingly it was a cache issue with my browser.  :-[  PICNIC !!

    Thank you though for that link, the video actually proved useful for a HAVP query i had.

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