PFSense Server Only - Single Interface

  • Trying to set up PFSense 2.0.1 as just a proxy server. I have tried several things.

    1. Disable WAN interface and set Lan gw as default. Everything works but can not install packages, can ping out to internet and dns works fine
    2. Set WAN interface to with lan gw as gateway, same result

    In this blog post it says this feature will be enabled in 2.0, but I'm not seeing it.

    Is it just that packages won't install with out a WAN? If so could I connect a wan just to install the packages and then disconnect it?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    LAN, WAN, etc do not matter. It only matters that you have a gateway, and it's set as default. Traffic will flow whichever way you specify that.

    If you only assign one NIC, it switches to "appliance mode" (so to speak) and you can do things like that without bothering with the additional unused interface

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