Strange problem

  • I'm running v1.01 and have 29 ip's NATed and have proxyARP Virtual IP's for all of them. The router only responds to the IP assigned to the WAN port UNLESS I physically assign each ip 1 at a time to the WAN interface and then all of the sudden the NATed ip's will respond for a few hours. I'm not sure what's causing this but it seems that assigning them to the WAN just builds a temporary cache and puts a band-aid on a larger issue. Please help!  ???

  • What's in front of you? Sounds like a device is having some issues with it's ARP-Cache.

  • It may be ARP cache related, but if changing the WAN IP to one of the IP's that's used with proxy ARP works, it sounds like an issue with proxy ARP. Changing the WAN IP shouldn't work either if it was an ARP cache issue.

  • Ok. So I tried changing the VIP type to "other" and still have the same problem. I thought it was an ARP issue as well and I think it's on the IP's side. I have a ticket open with them. Thanks for the help.

  • "other" won't generate any layer2 messages. This can be useful if the IPs are routed to you anyway. If you need to answer with ARP for your VIPs you have to use ProxyARP or CARP.

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