Moving pfsense usb drive to another device ??

  • hi,

    i have a question is it possible just to move pfsense that was installed on pendrive on "first" device to the "second"
    with saving all settings and packages and configs? will it work?

  • If you are moving from a 64bit capable machine to one that is not and you are running 64bit, then no. Otherwise it should not be a problem to move the drive to another machine and have it keep all the settings.

  • both devices are 32bit, first is HP Terminal T5720, second Equinet NetPilot Plus

    everything runs smooth on the first device, it took me a lot to set everything to work :)
    but equinet is more powerfull, while 5720 runs on Geode 1Ghz and 512 ram, netpilot have celeron 2,4 and 1gb ram

  • They are both running the x86 instruction set so it should not be a problem. As always, backup that config before you move it .

  • i'am new to this stuff… how do i make a backup??? :P