Limit traffic for traffic to/from external network (on WAN side)

  • I'd like to use the limiter to limit in/out speed for traffic from an external network.
    The background for this is that clients on the LAN er syncing data from this external network and consume all the bandwidth.

    I can get the limiter to work for traffic when using the IPs on the LAN as source, but cannot use this since I don't want
    all traffic to/from the LAN clients to be limited, only traffic to/from this external network.

    I've tried to put the rule on the WAN side with the external network as source, but this doesn't work.

    Have anybody succeeded with this scenario?

  • Rebel Alliance

    Try with the rule on LAN side and with the EXT Net as DEST

  • I tried that, but no success. Squid is configured for the LAN-side and the traffic is to/from port 80 on the external network - will this affect how the rule matches?

  • Rebel Alliance

    Sorry i don't use squid, i can't help you with this.