One wan, 2 public subnets. How to configure?

  • I've got an internet connection coming my way from a tier 1 provider but they're using a configuration that's got me a little confused when it comes to implementation.

    They've provided me 2 public address ranges,  one is a /30 that I am to use for my router,  the other is a /27 that are the public IPs to use for services.

    Will pfSense automatically understand what's happening if I just add virtual IPs to the wan interface for the entire /27 range?  I'm hoping it'll see traffic for that IP hitting it on the /30 address and just handle it.  I'm in the process of building an environment to test this now but if someone else can confirm I'd be grateful!

  • My suggestion is to assign the /30 on wan and /27 on a dmz interface.

  • Thanks.

    I went ahead and threw a VM on the wan subnet and tested hitting IP aliases that belonged to another /27 and it worked without issue.