Just installed pfSense on Xenserver 6.0 - Packet Collisions

  • Hello, i am new to pfSense but i have just installed in on my Xenserver box for testing purposes and noticed that i am getting a large amount of pack collisions, this doesn't seem to be affecting network performance though, just thought it was a strange occurrence.

    WAN         LAN        LAN2        DMZ
    519421 540809 47678 17970              Packets In
    504276 540734 47615 7808                Packets Out
    384.71 MB 89.69 MB 6.69 MB 7.85 MB            Bytes In
    90.84 MB 344.64 MB 59.46 MB 701 KB             Bytes Out
    0  0          0          0                            Errors In
    0 0  0          0                                    Errors Out
    570679 451248 65332 5515                 Collisions

    The networks are all set to 100baseTX full duplex.

    if it helps here are pingtest and speedtest results to show that service has not been diminished by these collisions.

    These are both normal results for my connection:


    Can someone enlighten me as to why this might be happening or if it even matters?