• Dear All.
    I installed a PF 2.0.1 in a Intel machine, by this host,I manage three NIC: WAN, LAN and OPT1. , plus a PPPoE.
    On The WAN, I have plugged the ADSL modem (Alice by Telecom Italia)  that's works really very well.
    The Internet access is provded by a common PPPoE interface bridged with the WAN interface.
    Due to the Internet connection is not FLAT but is billed by the use I'm working to use "Dial On-demand" feature.

    I'm going crazy to handle the PPPoE connection status and "Dial On-Demand" set.
    The problems are two:

    1. The PPPoE connection is not goes up (even I try to PING/TELENT/FTP some public well known sites)… I shold force it by going to "Status -> Interface -> PPPoE -> CONNECT button", After that, the connection is established and the traffic flow very well.
    2. When I go to the page for Interface configuration, under PPPoE interface, even if I set "Dial On-Demand" flag and "Idle time out" to a value (60 sec.) when I save and click on the "Apply" button, the page is immediatly refreshed having the "Idle time out" without no value !!.. And after more than 60 seconds, without traffic (verified by a tcpdump command done by the PF on the WAN & PPPoE interfaces) the interface is still UP !.
      Does someone can help me on to fix these two problems (that appear to be both related) ?!.. Thank you in advance.