Exchange Sending through PFS

  • Hi all,
    I have a problem with my exchange server.
    I can receive mails (with NAT redirection on PFS) but i can't send out.
    i have try to connect with telnet to an extern smtp server test is OK.
    But in exchange if i put the PFS as send connector, messages stay in queue. i have an unabled to connect error.
    Do i need to indicate a extern SMTP server in PFS ? or peapse a outbound NAT rule ? I m in auto outbounding rule.

    Thx for you help.

    PS : all rules are open in WAN and LAN interfaces (during my tests).

  • Hi

    Don't put PFS as send connector.PFS is not mentioned to relay emails.
    Instead use DNS for direct delivery or use your ISP smtp server as a smart host.