Is it normal to do updates with "unsigned images"?

  • I'm still new to pfSense so apologies for the basic question.

    I have a 2.0 pfSense box that prompts that an upgrade to 2.01 is available.  When I click on "Invoke Auto-upgrade" I get the warning:

    There has been an error verifying the signature on this image.
    Update cannot continue.  You can disable this check on the Updater Settings tab.

    Is this normal?  Or does this indicate a problem with the update the firewall is trying to download?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Instead of selecting unsigned option, reapply update repo on same tab. Apply and test again.

  • That's not normal for official release versions. Generally would indicate you're not actually getting the update file, maybe pointing to the wrong update location. Go to System>Firmware, Settings tab, pick the stable release for your current architecture, save, try auto update again.