• Hi all , i want to use a dedicated wan for my proxy ( i have 2 adsl).
    there is the possibility to configure pfsense for this situation?
    thanks a lot

  • There is not much information on your post But the answer is yes. You can use pfsense for inbound and outbound proxy.

  • I have two wan connection (adsl) and i want to use one of them only for internet navigation with squid.
    It's a possibile scenarious with pfsense? I don't see particolar settings in the proxy server area for choose the internet connection.
    If this solution is not possibile i think to use oter solution (adsl load balancing)


  • To use a specific link on squid, just set tcp_outgoing_address on squid custom options with your wan or wan2 ip address

  • Great!
    Thank you