How to increase IPSec throughput with Mini-PCI card?

  • Hello,

    I have an Alix Board 2D13 with pfSense 2.01.

    There are 8 IPSec tunnels installed. The throughput is very bad (~ 10 Mbit allover).

    Is there any possibility to encrease the throughput with a Mini-PCI card which is compatible with pfSense and also the Alix-Board?
    In documentation I only found the Soekris VPN1411 which is not available in Germany…  >:(

    I think there must be more vendors with Mini-PCI accelerator cards.

    Thanks for your answers!

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  • The Soekris hifn card is the only option I'm aware of. Soekris does ship worldwide and has a reseller in Europe.

  • Hey,

    maybe this will help you out if you look for complete pfSense firewall solutions: You can add a PCI expansion card as well. We got one last year from Tranquilnet IT Solutions. Took 2 weeks to ship from USA to Germany.