• Hi,

    I'm new to the datacentre scene and have recently bought a full cabinet at a local datacentre.

    I have bought a block of IP Addresses from their supplier and I'm a little confused on how the routing of those addresses get to the servers.

    At first I thought the routing is done at their end and all I would need is a layer 2 or better switch but this isn't the case. The routing is done at the cabinet end.

    They say that the first IP is the network last is broadcast etc which is standard but there is no default gateway.

    I don't want to NAT anything I want to use the public addresses for my servers NIC's.

    Can I set pfsense with no default gateway as pfsense will be the default gateway?

  • It depends - do you have one subnet or two? The most common datacenter deployment where you don't want to NAT is to get one subnet between you and the provider (a /30 or /29, the latter is required if you're doing CARP), and have a second subnet of whatever size you need for the number of hosts you have routed to your interconnect subnet with the provider. Then the second subnet can be setup on an internal NIC of the firewall and you have proper routing. If you only have a single subnet, you either have to NAT, or bridge.