Squidguard on schedule problems

  • After several days of testing and topic reading, I was not able to block facebook in work time e leave in lunch pause.., should be a simple matter for a firewall !!

    • With squidguard the timer work only when I manually "apply" in the squid General Setting, as like right now, fb should be blocked (by time) but it is not, and if I do apply then site in block!
    • With Firefox need cler cache every time otherwise don't go on fb also in free time, (I changed repsonse into 302/1 in squidguard.inc!)
    • I can't block https facebook page !

    I just want to block facebook in work time, because it's so complicated?
    where you can find easy instructions for doing this in pfSense 2 rc3?

    post my configuration pictures, bye

  • I just successfully blocked access using outgoing firewall rules on  and

    Maybe you could do that and use scheduled rules instead of Squid until someone comes along with Squid knowledge which I dont have…

  • Possible that pfSense have this problem? none have solved? none have doing block facebook in worktime with squidguard or normal rule?

  • i do agree too

  • Dudes, here is how to add block rules in squid:

    1-squidguard->Target Categories-> create a rule:

    In Expressions, you can put lots of keywords to block, using "|" as a separate expressions.

    For my case, I put: facebook|orkut|….

    Give it a name, and save.

    2-squidguard->times->create a rule:


    This example is based on my work hours.

    3-squidguard->grups acl->create a rule:

    You need to put  Client (Source), choose Time (previously added), then choose the rule basics (1st Target Categories->deny then offline->allow)


    4-squidguard->commonAcl->edit rule:



    There, you are good to go!

    Just remember that every time you edit anything inside of any rule, go back to step 5 and hit Apply.

    Hope it helps  :D

  • I have looked at adolfo screen shots. My ALIX nanobsd 2.0.1 system has all the same way of trying to do this. But it just doesn't change the rules as the time changes. If I restart SquidGuard when I get to the different time period, it happily implements the new rules. Then the rules for the new time seem to apply forever. At the weekend I can try this on 2.1 development on a spare ALIX system and see what hapeens.