• Hi,
    i tried to install my pfsense with one nic and 3g usb for ppp. My problem is how to setup the nic to LAN. Pfsense only need WAN iface and is web accessable over WAN (!!!).
    For me it make more sense to have 1 LAN iface for the beginning (execpt for remote config, but over wan ?). I tried VLAN so i was able to set the 2 nics,but fails on connecting the WEbconfigurator (both LAN/WAN).
    I temorary insert a second nic, is this the only possible solution?


  • Netgate Administrator

    You can just reassign or rename the interfaces after you have setup your 3g modem.

    The only difference between any of the interfaces in pfSense is whether or not it has a gateway assigned to it. (AFAIK  ;))