• I've installed pfSense and also the packages dns-server .

    when i have enabled the dns forwarder my lan clients
    using nslook command and using as dns server my pfsense they do receive response from my
    isp dns server . I also added on dns server on configuration.

    How can i add a custom dns record for example

    intranet.myserv.com in order to responde to lan user and open my web server that uses a statis ip address
    All lan clients hiting the do see the webserver(port 80)

    I want to create custon dns record in order to fix some ip's with names

  • http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/DNS_Forwarder

    "You can also enter host and domain overrides, which will be used in place of the responses that would have otherwise come from the upstream DNS servers. This can be used for Split DNS, or making undesirable domains (e.g. myspace.com) resolve to a non-existent IP address. "

    This information is entered at the bottom of the Services > DNS Forwarder page.