• Hello,

    Im running a proxmox 1.9 server at home. I am a unclear around the whole networking side of things and im wanting to know if 1 Physical NIC could be capable of running PFSense as a software router in my VM solution?

    I understand that a router has 2 networks interfaces, one for the WAN and one for the LAN and the role of a router is to sit between the networks 'routing' traffic. Is the possible with 1 physical NIC using bridge/Virtual IP lans?

    I'd really like to get involved with this!


  • You can setup pfsense with 1 physical NIC if you configure at least 2 VLANS.

  • Yes but in the end you need a VLAN-capable switch, to be able to separate traffic to different physical ports. Which can be much more expensive than a NIC.