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    I know the voip prioritize thing gets hashed time and time again,,,but,,,,

    After reading the many posts here in regards to prioritizing voip, I am still unclear  on some aspects of this. From my understanding you can ONLY prioritize outbound traffic? Also I am unclear if these tagged packets will even do anything once they go out across public routers?
    We have a site to site IPsec vpn between two school buildings. 5 years ago we went to ip phones. Some days the phone calls are fine. Some days the extensions from building to bulding each extension sounds like a martian talking.

    Could someone possibly give me a ,,,#1,,,#2,,,#3 step by step,,,,if,,in fact this is even possible. I know,,I have read were traffic shaping is much,,much weaker,,on version 1.2.3 versus 2.0.x pfSense but i have to run these two routers until school year ends,,,,in about 70 days. I figure I can at least experiment some on these and then when I plop the two new pfSense-2.0.1 machines in place Ill at least be somewhat acclimated with what i REALLY should be doing.

    Something to consider,,is,,the users home folders reside at ONE of the two school buildings so during the day there is a lot of SAMBA traffic for example across this vpn.

    I simply need to prioritze voip packets out the WAN interface of each of the two pfSense routeracross this IPsec vpn link . Nothing else really needs consideration at this point.

    Thank you,