• Hi,

    We're running pfsense as a VM in a hosted VMWare ESX 4.1. It acts as a firewall and router for our VM's.

    I have a WAN3 (x.x.x.6) which has 1:1 NAT enabled to 1 specific internal machine. This machine is now reachable using the external IP specified in the 1:1 NAT rule.

    The problem is that when this machine goes on the internet (so LAN to WAN traffic) it uses the IP of the default built-in WAN (x.x.x.4) interface. So the inbound IP is different than the outbound IP.

    How do i go about and configure this? I want the machine to use the WAN3 (x.x.x.6) interface only when sending out traffic to the internet.



  • If you are using 1:1 NAT then it should pick up external IP for outgoing traffic. If you are in fact using port forward, then you are also going to have to setup manual outbound NAT.

  • I am using 1:1 NAT, not port forwarding. I've tried everything but the outgoing traffic still uses another IP.

  • If the server has multiple IP in the LAN, it could be using the wrong one. In that case, set a metric so that it uses the correct one for outbound communications.  Check the routes on the server to confirm.

  • We have this problem on different servers using different external IP's as well. My server only has 1 LAN IP.

    I think I will reïnstall pfSense and see how that works out.

  • What do you have entered for "External subnet IP"?