Trying to Build a machine for 100Mbit/sec VPN

  • Requirements:
    ~100Mbit/sec VPN performance
    Small enclosure (read low heat)
    Prefer IPMI 2.0 interface
    Lowest power usage while meeting above requirements, so I do not expect sub 20W idle however would like to get under 50W idle

    I currently am looking at this setup:
    Motherboard: SuperMicro MDB-X9SCM-F-O
    CPU: Intel G630T (35W)
    Memory: 2x4GB ECC unbuffered (motherboard requires ECC) - Yes 8GB is probably overkill but it is so cheap, I guess less memory would reduce my power requirements some.
    Drive: OCZ Onyx Series 32GB SSD - Rated at 1W Active and 375mW idle
    Case: SuperMicro CSE-510-200B

    Also are there any issues with the onboard NICs with FreeBSD still?  I noticed searching here that there was some concern but those posts are pretty old now.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It has been reported that the 82579LM is supported by the x64 build of 2.0.1.


  • Hello,
    Did you suceed with your install ?


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