LiveCD Wont install on Dual Core E6600 Intel CPU?

  • hi all

    have just build a new computer to use with Pfsense

    The hardware is

    Gigabyte 965P-DS3 Motherboard
    DualCore Intel E6600 CPU
    4GB Ram PC-5300
    3 Intel 1000Mbit NIC

    but when i boot from the livecd

    is stops telling me

    Fatal 12 page fault while in kernel mode
    cpuid =0 apic id =00
    Fault virtual adress 0x24

    and some more stuff, but i cant read it, because it just starts to reboot, and the same thing starts over?

    is pfsense compatible with dual core processors?, or what can be wrong?

    Carsten Larsen

  • try disable ACPI in bios

  • i cant disable apic, only choose from s1 or s3

    i have posted a picture of the screen here

    sincerely Carsten Larsen

  • Try booting a FreeBSD 6.2 CD on it, I'm guessing it won't work. If the CD boots, try doing an install and see if it works.

    This is a FreeBSD bug, the only way this problem will get fixed is if you could do the test with FreeBSD and if it's still an issue, post back here. Someone can help you get the appropriate info to post to a FreeBSD list to get this resolved.

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