Dual WAN is working thru VMWare, but devices cannot access computer any longer.

  • :'(

    I had this problem before and never got around to really figuring it out.

    I am running PFSense through VMware on my PC with windows 7, everything works great, combining my two connections I am getting roughly 27-30Mbit now, great.

    The VMware PFsense distro is hosting on, which is fine, and accessible by browser no problem.

    Problem now is, PC2 in the other room which is on network is no longer able to access PC1 which has the dual wan setup. When I modify my routing table and remove the entry mask (.3.2 is the virtual adapter leading to pfsense at 3.1) and then add a route to, it works fine. It is a hassle though, downloading files at double speeds, then having to change up my routing table everytime I want to stream a video to PC2.

    How would I go about setting everything up so that I can have PFSense as my default gateway on the network and still allow PC2 on to access it?

    I have also tried making putting PFSense on the 1.0/24 network with my router but that did not work either. I am having difficulty imagining it going through a VM rather than a physical computer.

    Could somebody give me some pointers? Do I need to setup a static route on my router -> VIA ? Thanks for the help I hope this made sense, I just pulled an all nighter playing with this and I am a bit..loopy.


  • you need proper routing on rtr2 to get that network back in to the internal network, and you're going to introduce other complications probably on that same router because of the asymmetric routing. That's an ugly design in general, can you move all your clients behind pfSense? That will eliminate a number of complications with routing and filtering with asymmetrically routed traffic that you're going to have with that setup.