1gps / 100mbs lan interface difference/sharing ?

  • Hi,

    Right now i'm using with my pfsense machine one wan and one lan interface, on lan i have wired a switch 100mbps capable.
    It will make any difference if in near future i change my lan with 1gps interface ? will be some improvments without changing my switch.In switch is  plugged an AP and other pc, will be a better speed sharing ?


  • Netgate Administrator

    It will make almost no difference.
    The gigabit card will still connect to the switch at 100Mbps. The only possible difference would be that a newer gigabit card may have better hardware off-loading allowing a slightly faster throughput. However in practise this will probably bot be noticeable.


  • Ok.
    Right now i'm having from my ISP a packet broadband of 50 mbs(4-5mbps download speed in fact), i mean i have a connection of 100 mpbs from my isp when i m connected with ppoe, but in fact is limited to 50mbs(two possible packets from isp 50/100) so in near future will be changed to 100 mpbs, an avg download speed of 8-9 mbps, this will have a stronger solicitation of my sistem/nics i believe ? even if the sistem will be conected on wan with 100mbps like now but download/upload speed will be encreased! Will have to make some improvments….

    Thanks !