Max number of IpSec tunnels?

  • I wonder how many IpSec tunnels it is possible to configure on a PfSense gateway?
    And also if it is ok with dynamic ipadress for the remote endpoints, with no dyndns?

    All the remote networks share the same /16 ip config, so we need to have all tunnels disabled without the one we are going to aksess. And only enable the tunnel we are going to use. The remote end vpn routers are also normally not connected to internet. And mostly using satellte internet connections.
    So the load for the gateway will be minimal.

  • No limit especially when they're most all disabled. You can just put the IP in without dyndns, but if the IP changes you'll have to manually update it.

  • Will it work with static ip at the PfSense, and dynamic ip at the endpoints? The solution we have now does that, but will only support 25 VPN tunnels. I need a solution for at least 250 tunnels.

  • yes that will work. You can do far more than 250.

  • Thank you. I will try tomorrow.