DNS only resolves from static IPs not DHCP addresses

  • I am running 2.0.1 with no packages, 2 interfaces (WAN, 192.168.1.x).

    The problem is that only devices configured with static leases (from within pfSense) are able to resolve DNS lookups. These computers can surf just fine. When I attempt a website from a computer configured for DCHP nothing works. The correct address are being assigned to clients (IP, Subnet, DNS). I can however ping all normal internal and external address from DHCP computers.

    Things I have done:

    • Ensure LAN has static IP

    • Set DHCP scope to -

    • Verified Static ARP entries is disabled

    • Enabled DNS forwarder

    • Set System: General Setup : DNS servers to those provided by ISP

    • Successfully used DNS lookup from pfSense web configurator

    I am missing something though. Your help is appreciated. I am relatively green so you may need to hit me over the head with details.


  • For those interested, I ended up resetting everything to defaults. Then I reconfigured all the static leases, NAT port forwards, DNS settings, etc… Everything is working correctly now.