Bandwidth acceleration with squid.

  • i am trying to accomplish a simple task of utilizing squids bandwidth throttling.

    the two options avaiable, Overall bandwidth throttling & Per-host throttling

    Now obviously as it says on the config page that these values have to be in KB (KiloBytes)

    to begin with i'd like a yes or no answer from someone who understands this more. does this feature account like a download accelerator but for squid?

    second, whats the best option to use… overall for everyone or per-host? and then for example if a download is started does it keep accelerating per that value? for example if i had set the perhost to 128KB and a user is downloading a 20MB file, does it only accelerate for 128KB and then leave the rest alone?

  • These options set the limit on the bandwidth

  • so what i am trying to accomplish (acceleration) is not the same as this?  :-\

  • Overall bandwidth throttling - restrict squid common bandwidth
    Per-host throttling - restrict squid per-user bandwidth (user can not exceed the specified value)

    This is not accelerating, it is the limit. "This value specifies (in kilobytes per second) " - means how many kilobytes per second the user can receive