• Hey all, I am looking to build a router for our small office, and am looking for some advice on the platform to use. Our needs are as follows:

    Must support 2 Internet connections, one of 100Mbps up/30down, one of 10Mbps up/1Mbps down
    Must offer 802.11 b/g/n wireless, with 2.4/5Ghz dual frequency a definite plus
    Must support Gig Ethernet and large file transfers (our file server is at 8TB and growing)
    Supports 20-30 local users, with room to grow.
    Supports 4-5 remote users over VPN, some individual remote clients, and one remote office connecting through on a VPN.

    Any thoughts on what the best hardware would be for this?

  • Supermicro server with extra nic and wireless (D-Link, Atheros based card). Uses more power then you want though.

  • Netgate Administrator

    802.11N is not currently supported directly. If you need to have that use an separate access point.