Building a way to change DNS dynamically at Static Providers…

  • I beleive I have a way to avoid having to change your DNS from your static DNS hosting provider just to get Dynamic DNS ability.
    (Which ususally costs money ON TOP of the static provider - which already hosted your DNS)

    My example is to dynamically change your DNS entries at Network Solutions. (This would work for other services too)

    By leveraging website automation tools (Like testing tools - Load generation - macros, or web application testing tools), you can automate the login and change your IP addresses for various hosts.

    Right now i'm experimenting with saving macros of my Http sessions where I change my IP addresses at Network Solutions, and having the script change the IP that the script "types in" based on my current external IP.

    Keep in mind this doesnt work for IP addresses that change very frequently, (faster than 48 hours) and are for addresses that change only in the case of a modem reboot, or some other rare event.

    Im sure this can be turned into a package that is fully automated for pfSense.

    I welcome input here.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Or just use Namecheap as your registrar, and use their DNS. Cheap, and you can use our built-in Namecheap dyndns client to update hostnames on your actual domain.

    No muss, no fuss. :-)

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    Method 2:

    Make a CNAME pointer to

    That's what I do for some of mine, and it works perfectly for me.

  • Guys, Guys, Guys..

    I know how to do it using other cheap providers, but there are situations where we WANT to use static providers and yet want to dynamically change DNS servers.

    While it's an idea, using the CNAME option may violate security policies for some organizations.
    My idea would not cause that issue.

    I want a discussion on techniques on how to do this and make it a pfSense pachage that does this automatically.

    I have done it using scripts. but I dont know how to make packages, etc, and need to explore ways to code this right.