Outbound SMTP alerts when WAN1 is down - HOWTO

  • Hi,
    I'm running 2.01 on embedded hardware at one site, and there are frequent outages.  The problem is when WAN1 goes down, the email alert tries to go out but fails sometimes, apparently due to not attempting to route the connection over the WAN2 interface.

    My question is, how can I verify that my setup is correct (it obviously isn't) so that SMTP alerts will try to use any available WAN connection?  I have my outbound port for notifications set to 587 and I've confirmed that it's not blocked by either ISP.  thanks!

    *note: I found a similar thread and was originally going to reply there but it's been locked

  • does dns applied to pfsense config works when wan1 is down?

  • I am not sure I understand your question – how can I test the scenario you are asking about?

  • If dns name resolution does not work when wan1 is off, you will get no smtp working.

  • Thank you, yes I do have 2 nameservers defined for each WAN connection in System - General.  So 4 DNS servers total.  It should work when WAN1 is down but I am not at the location to test by yanking a cable etc.  Is there a way to temporarily "down" an interface via SSH or GUI to test this?