Transparant bridging and limiters

  • Hi there,

    To be short: Does anybody has limiters working with a transparant bridge? I can't get it to work and need some push in the right direction. on docs it says:
    When using limiters on bridges, you need to assign the bridge interface and put the IP address for the bridge there, and place the limiters on the member interfaces. which makes it even more confusing.
    I have a WAN - LAN setup and several public IP's on the WAn side which I want limit.



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    If you have WAN & LAN Bridged, you must place the Limiters on WAN & LAN, check this thread (about WAn-LAN  limiters part),41708.15.html

  • I followed this topic, but it seems not to work for me. I have the following configuration:

    __ server1 (
    ISP Router ( –- PFSense firewall ( on LAN) --- Cisco switch / __ server2 (
                                                                                                                        \ __ server3 (

    The PFSense firewall has one WAN with no IP and one LAN with 1 ip address.


    btw. the IP addresses are fake ;-)

  • OK,
    I am a little further. I simply set up 4 limiters (wan_inbound, wan_outbound, lan_inbound, lan_outbound) They are all set on 50kbit/s and they all have none as mask. I then made a rule on lan with as destination a local server and lan_inbound/lan_outbound as in/out. On the wan side I made a rule which also has the local server as destination and also wan_inbound/wan_outbound as in/out.
    Now it seems to be working. But if I set up an ftp connection from the internet to that server I can upload with 50kbit/s but download is only about 5kbit/s.

  • No one? Maybe other software which is capable of this?



  • Hello guys,

    I really need your help on setting up an PfSense server. I'm new on this (been using before ALLOT), I've managed to make partly the configuration of server, but yet i don't get the results i want to have.
    My LAN output of server connects to the "internet" and i have multiple WAN connections, which I want to limit per IP. The problem is that I want to have the WAN hosts grouped, for example :
    Group 1 has 20 hosts, I want to assign to this group 3 Mbps/3 Mbps and each of the hosts in the group 256 Kbps/128 Kbps. I want to configure the LAN and WAN interfaces in "bridge" mode and assign bandwdith limits to a group of hosts and to each host separately.
    I have managed to configure LAN and WAN in bridge mode, I have created limiters and such, but my only problem is how to assign hosts to the groups I want to and then limit their traffic as I need to.
    Since I mentioned I've been using before ALLOT and it was easy to create a group,assign bandwidth limits and place hosts under the group with desired bandwidth and protocol for each host.
    Please refer to scheme attached. As you may see , i want to group the hosts, assign bandwidth limits to the group and bandwdith limits to each host of group. I'm trying but I cant find any option to do this into PfSense GUI.
    Please help me on this. if you need further info, just ask :)
    Many thanks,