• hi, we have been using PFsense 1.2.3 for a while with Shrew client as VPN client for windows. few users have been complaining that the connection is dropping after 30mins to 45mins and they have to restart the shrew client. any idea??

  • use 2.0 pfsense or newer and tell what vpn you're using, if pptp then it's feature

  • I am using IPsec VPN. if i use 2.0 or latest i could not get the site-to-site tunnel running between Linksys RVS 4000 and pfsense box. I have 2.0.1 installed on separate box. cheers

  • does this problem still exist?

  • yes, the problem still exists. dropping means, it doesn't say tunnel disabled, but we can not save the files we have been working on  and can not open any connections from LAN untill we restart the shrew client. one more thing when i am connected through vpn client i can  not browse by DNS name, only IP. cheers

  • if you check from ipconfig after connecting vpn, what ip-address you see on dns-server, is it the same what you use on your remote-end?
    and can you ping that server? can you connect to it with nslookup?