• Just updated my snapshot today. Seems that DNSForwader is not working. PFsense is unable to resolve DNS queries on LAN interface anymore. I was able to add Unbound and it works fine.
    In particular, I can solve the issue by adding a dynamic WAN. No Problems.
    When I go back to my static IP WAN, no more DNS. All other services still run fine.

    Perhaps its a bug with just handling DNS for static IPS?

    EDIT: Actually, it looks like the DNS service on the router is completely down.
    Unable to resolve any DNS for ping while on the box itself.
    Unbound still works fine.
    Moving between static and dynamic IP has the same issues.
    Ping and routing works fine too.

  • Do you have the "Gateways" widget up on the dashboard?

    I have to hit save on the WAN interface to get it to show the gateway "up". And until I do the gui responds very slow. Seems to happen when I shut down and re-boot.

    Wonder if thats what your seeing also??

  • Do you have DNS servers defined under System>General Setup? The DNS forwarder requires them, and you must statically configure them with a static WAN.