• I've noticed a bunch of threads regarding problems with torrent clients and PfSense.  I've had that same problem, and I know it's not my ISP.  If I use a simple Linksys router, I have no problems with torrent traffic.  However, when I use either PfSense or NAT32, torrent traffic just freezes up the Internet traffic.

    It's really odd, and I was wondering if anyone has finally figured this out?

  • Assuming you're running pfsense on reasonable hardware (256MB RAM), then what you are describing is probably related to your link getting saturated.

    You'll either need to learn about pfsense's traffic shaping features, or simply configure your torrent client to use less bandwidth.

  • You need to better define "freezes up the Internet connection", what exactly happens? Can't open new connections but the existing ones work fine? Can you ping the firewall, its WAN IP, its WAN default gateway, Google, …? Torrent problems aren't common, they're far less common here than with your typical Linksys because they can't handle large numbers of connections generally.

    If you have settings in your torrent client that let it go crazy with creating large numbers of connections, you may be maxing out your state table. You can check that on the front page of the web interface, and in the RRD graphs, and can increase it under System>Advanced.