Separating the traffic through several WAN's

  • Hello!
    In my small network I've got running 2 WAN's. I would like to know is there any way to divide the traffic between the two WAN's. But if it is possible exact amount to be forwarded to some of the WAN and the rest it goes through the other one. I need to make it work like a dedicated line to remote network (server). Does the pfSense support something like that. Perhaps it's possible to make it without the need to show up the exact destination, just to forward some part of my internal traffic through the chosen WAN.
    Thank you very much indeed!

  • Check out . It covers this as well. You basically just have to specify the desired traffic in a firewallrule at LAN und use the appropriate gateway for it. Even better create failoverpools so the traffic will move over to the other WAN if that particular WAN goes down.

  • I took a look at the Load Balancer tutorial. I think and according the scheme shown there I need to implement one more router in my network and finally (I hope so!) I will manage to get the desired results - will be able to redirect the traffic successfully.
    Thanks a lot!
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