• Issue solved. I reset the SMC modem from Comcast-rebooted PF. All is fine.


    I'm trying to add a comcast business class internet to our pf 2.01 box. I have 5 static IPs from them.
    I've followed multiple threads to turn off all the services on the comcast smc cable modem.

    Under Opt1 I enter static IP 50.79.x.x/29
    Under gateway I enter GW   50.79.x.y

    All I get is one momenet please…. I did notice that after a few reboots of both the PF and the SMC, I get a GW_OPT1-dynamic in the gateway area.

    If I view "gatways", It shows gathering data.

    I have verified the IPs and the GW with comcast. I also have setup a laptop with an outside IP and the outside GW and I get internet.
    Any input is appreciated.

    Thank you