TrafficShaping need 2 WAN lines …

  • Hello,
    my pfsense works behind a big school network.
    we have a 100Mbit connection to the school network and a 15Mbit internet connection over the same networkcard through the schoolnetwork.
    so my problem, I need to specify 2 trafficshaper one for networkinternal traffic in the school network (100Mbit) and one for the outgoing traffic with 15Mbit.
    how can I do this? with the m0n0wall shaper it was pritty easy but most changes in the pfsense result in an running error message on the top …  ???

    best regards,

  • This is not too easy to do and currently unsupported. You need a pretty custom ruleset for this to work the way you want it and as you already found out it's not that easy.

  • Just a quick tip, if you say your Inernet connection size is 15 megs, then asssign 60 megs to a queue, it will die a horrible death.  The math has to add up in the shaper.  Hope that helps  ;D

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