• Hi all,

    we are using squid on pfsense 2.0.1. Is it to possible to install squid-reverse without uninstalling squid?

    Or do i have to uninstall squid and then install squid-reverse? In this case, what about the settings for squid?


  • I did a reinstallation of squid and then installed squid-reverse.
    Settings are saved so don't worry.

    I deinstalled squid because I just want to have one package (squid-reverse) displayed in installed packages.

    But it is working too, if you install squid-revers just on top of squid. But a sideffect later could be, if you reinstall all packages (firmwareupdate), then there will be squid installed first, then squid reverse.

  • Thanks. I've deinstalled squid and then installed squid-reverse, everything is working  :)