Autodect proxy settings & wpad not working on some iexplorer running Windows 7

  • Hi there.

    I have setup pfsense 2.0.1 to serve a wpad file to all web client browsers (using DNS Forwarder)
    The weird thing is that some Windows 7 clients are unable to read this pac file but many others can within the same LAN.

    In the other hand, I cannot make iphones nor Adroid phones to get this wap file.

    Any help appreciated.

  • Did you tried configuring dhcp options too?

  • I did, but I don't know with option is righ. Let me explain:

    I'll show you the options I have set in DHCP Server settings for LAN Interface:

    Tried the following:
    Number: 252
    Type: Text
    Value: http://wpad.mydomain/proxy.pac

    Also tried:
    Number: 252
    Type: String
    Value: "http://wpad.mydomain/proxy.pac"

    Note: String type need pac file enclosed by ""

    None of them have worked for me.

    In both settings, DNS Forwarder has an entry for wpad.mydomain bound to a valid (and reachable) IP in the intranet.
    Typing http://wpad.mydomain/proxy.pac in a browser returns the file proxy.pac for download.


  • Hi there.

    I read in some posts that the Web Server needs this extension (.dat) be set to "application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig".

    Would it be necessary to set this mime type in pfsense for wpad.dat file?

    Thank you,

  • The .dat/wpad/pac file is a javascript.

    If javascript fails, then autodetect will not work.

    If you can download the file from webserver, then it's working.

  • Thank you very much for your help.

    Any idea about how to get this working?

    I can download the file wpad.dat from an Android phone, but the DHCP 252 option seems not be working on this android phone.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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