Ping Problems

  • Hiya!! Me again!
    I've got my ping problems quite a long and I need help! I've got my pfsense setups normally working except that one. The situation is as follows: I've an Open VPN tunnel on my pfsense (the firewall acts as an Open VPN client). Logged into the firewall I am able to ping remote stations through the VPN tunnel without any problem, everything works fine but from the PC's in my internal LAN I can't ping any remote server through the same VPN tunnel. I traced my ping and it shows up that it stops in the firewall. And I can't reach anything else 'behind' my firewall. I've got the ICMP globally enabled on any WAN and the LAN. The obvious reason is somewhere between the rules but … how can I figure it out which of my rules causes the problem with my ping?
    What it could be the possible reason to stop my ping in the firewall?
    Thank you indeed!

  • Is this a multiwan setup?

  • Yes, it is! I've got two different WANs in my network!

  • Have a look at,3330.0.html . It should fix your issue.

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