Interface works for WAN but not LAN?

  • I have installed 2.01 x64 on a new Via Epia M900.

    I am using a 3com 3c905 as my second network card alongside the integrated Via NIC. I am doing a full installation on a hdd.

    Install goes smoothly. When I set my interfaces, I set the 3com(xl0) as the LAN and the Via(vge0) as the WAN.

    When I go to my machine to get to the web interface, I plug into the 3com, and no lights come on. Windows says no network cable plugged in. I plug into the Via, it lights up but I am plugged into the WAN port. So I reassign the interfaces Via as LAN and 3com as WAN. I plug into the Via ports, everything lights up and I can log in normally. I go ahead and plug the WAN in as well, and it lights up normally as well. Everything works nicely. So I go back, reassign ports back to 3com as LAN and Via as WAN. I plug into LAN, no lights on the 3com as LAN.

    So why would the 3com work as WAN and not LAN? I find it odd that it won't even light up when configured as LAN. I don't know if this is something related directly to 3com or perhaps the Via motherboard. Has anyone seen this type of behavior before?

  • In my experience you often have to reboot pfsense after making interface assignments. Sometimes nothing else will get things to behave as expected.