Question about what is stored (saved) on the usb flash drive (floppy, whatever)

  • If I were to remove the cd and flash drive from my designated firewall machine (after properly shutting it down), and put them both in a new (and suitable) machine, would the new firewall have all of the current dhcp lease information?

    What else, state-wise, is saved on the flash drive?

    I absolutely love this firewall.

  • the total config off youre pfsense server is stored at the floppy/usbstick

    so if you plug it in to a differen server then the wan,lan,opt etc will not be correct
    do to different hardware on that server

  • Basically the config.xml is stored there only (the same file that can be downloaded at diagnostics>backup/restore). Additionally to that it will write the rrd data to this media on a clean shutdown (when performed from wengui or shellmenu). Everything elso is stored on ramdisk and therefore will be gone (like dhcp leases unless you have added static mappings which will be backed up in the config.xml).

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