Vhost and web content management systems

  • hi there
    I was wondering if any one knows how to to get GD library  to be recognized  when doing a installing  web content management systems .  I found a few web content  managers that  work within  pfsense. but I always run into the same problem GD libraries with in pfsense are not found..  I had the same problem with sqlite but that was solved by doing some shell commands

    touch /etc/php_dynamodules/pdo
    touch /etc/php_dynamodules/pdo_sqlite

    and restating the pfsense

    I was wondering if there are similar commands  to get the GD libraries to work within the Vhost environment

    if someone curious the  web content management systems  that work with in pfsense are found here :

    PHP section  use the ones that are sqlite  capable

    than you for your time and would  be greatly appreciated if someone can shed a little light on this  :)

    I just want to create and easy user based page that someone  can use  to post public information with in a private network about local community activities

  • No one knows how to get the GD libraries to work in Vhost ???

    a little hard to believe, must be someone who has an Idea how too.
    they are used  all over with in the  pfsense.  just not within vhost environment.they being disabled for some reason like squlite and mysql was.

    anyways I ended up using   XE  (http://www.xpressengine.org/) it seems to work the best within pfsense  Vhost environment has lots of  modules and addons that work fine ,  I especially like the forum building and mobile phone options

    I would still  like to get the GD libraries  to work within Vhost. so as some picture manipulation can be done within the web content management system..

  • Netgate Administrator

    You are using the vhost package and running a CMS on the pfSense machine itself?
    I think almost everyone will advise you that this is a terrible idea!


  • whether is terrible Idea or not should not make difference, it is my choice to make is it not?.  Vhost option is provided and I am using the resource to provide a simple  internal network platform for a small network private wisp for users to post feedback and for  us to provide updates and current events..  if the CMS get more then 200 hits a day I would be surprised. if it such a bad idea why include Vhost in the first place if there are concerned about system hacks

    now the computer I am using as router is over kill. psfense  just does not even make a blip on it. and I am just trying to use my resources to the  to my advantages. now fine I could install a second computer as  webserver  but why pay  the extra expense. okay fine  I could  build  VMserver and install pfsense within it and a websever within that fine I just added a massive amount of complexity for what. I might as well not even use pfsense  as my routing software then just use a linux box of some form because the performance will be a lot better then running pfsense  within a virtual environment and a heck of a lot less complexity

    I like Pfsense for its  fast easy deployment and if I can add in the quick easy deployment of CMS to it for local wisp clients then all the better for me.. it might not be good for you or the other guy  but it would suit my needs just fine..

  • Netgate Administrator

    Indeed it's completely your choice. As long as you're aware that it isn't recommended and the reasons why not. Since it's only for internal use you are minimising the risk anyway.
    The vhosts package was only there for the asterisk package (which is no longer functional I believe).

    It's a long time since I tried the vhosts package. At the time I was doing something to you, hosting a web page that was used as a noticeboard/collection of hyperlinks. However I was never able to get it correctly functioning, as I recall it would work fine if called via https but not http.

    I'm sure there would be quite a lot of interest if you get this working and did a write up. I'd try it!  ::)


  • oh I have it working now and it works fine. just can not upload pictures because of no GD support

    basically it is really easy to install CMS and works fine
    steps how to very easy:

    install vhost
    set up vhost
    is you want to use port 80
    you have to give pfsense a different port and disable webgui redirect in the system advance

    to set up vhost
    enter in host name  (use something simple ie: info)
    enter in ip you wish to binded too
    enter in port  (80 if the above is disabled)

    go to service and start Vhost
    it will not change to green  but it is statred

    test enter in webpage in url it should work  (http://x.x.x.x/"hostname"   example ( if using port 80) : http://pfsense.local/info  or if using port 8001 then http://pfsense.local:8001/info or

    to get sqlite to work
    enable ssh in system advance
    ssh in to pfsense  via putty in windows or console in a linux box

    ssh root@x.x.x.x  (x.x.x.x being the ip either wan or lan ip)

    goto shell ( 8 )

    touch /etc/php_dynamodules/pdo
    touch /etc/php_dynamodules/pdo_sqlite

    restart webconfiguator (11)
    restart system (5)

    after it restarted
    use filezilla to log in with sftp
    user name is not admin  but root ( password is what ever your password is)
    go too  usr/local/vhost/
    up load  CMS into your host directory

    working CMS
    frog ( will have to disable ( comment out) the security feature in the index.php and do not forget to place the database in a readable directory)
    cmsimple ( does not require sqlite)
    dokuwiki  (does not require sqlite)
    plus other

    open browser enter in vhost address into uRL follow instillation procedure

    finished a working CMS
    just no GD support until someone say how to get them activated in Vhost