• Hello,

    I currently run a pf firewall on an HP DL140 G3 box. Being a 64 bit machine I currently use the amd64 version of FreeBSD. I'm thinking of switching to pfSense.

    Looking around the wiki it looks like there is not an amd64 version of pfSense at the moment. Am I correct, and if so is there likely to be one coming along?

    pfSense looks like a nice bit of work BTW. Well done!



  • It's possible for sure but we currently have not started building/developing a 64 bit version.

  • Cool,

    I guess there will be no problem running i386 on this sever, as I saw a good report from a user on the exact same box.

    BTW: I installed it last night on my home firewall machine (was an IPFW install using FreeBSD 4.1) and I have to saw what a great job you guys have done. I'm really impressed with it.



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