PCI PCMCI Slot Card for EVDO REV A connectivity

  • Is there any chance that the pfsense could support a PCI card for a PCMCI EVDO card like the Sprint Mobile Broadband Card by Sierra Wireless-AirCard® 595 or the Sprint Mobile Broadband Card by Novatel Wireless-Merlin™ S720.  It would be great because you could potentially use the wireless as fail over or for locations where there is no DSL/Cable you could use it as your primary connection.  Rev A is very fast with average sppeds in good locations of about 1 mbit burstable to 3 Mbit and upload of 400kbit.

  • It's something I'm interested in, as I have an EVDO card for my laptop, but not anything I'll have time to look at for probably a few months. If you would like to shift priorities, start a bounty.

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