Firewall blocking some LAN to LAN traffic

  • I have two networks connected to the Internet thru PFSense that also talk with each other.

    PFSense has two internet connects
    LAN 1 attached to pfsense
    LAN 2 is connected to LAN 1
    LAN 2 is

    LAN 2 Router is
    PFSense has a route/gateway setup to pass all traffic for to

    Everything works, I can surf the internet from both LANS and that is fine. I can connect from the Internet and RDP to a computer in the subnet.

    I can't RDP for long from subnet to subnet  the connection gets blocked by the firewall, then reconnects then blocks then reconnects and on and on. So it kind of works then not…

    These are the log entries.

    Feb 29 13:36:47	LAN	TCP:A
    Feb 29 13:36:49	LAN	TCP:A
    Feb 29 13:36:51	LAN

    when I click the red X, It says the "Default deny rule"

    I must be missing something simple?

  • Give us a network map.

  • Just to be clear, what is the LAN IP on PFsense?  Regarding "switch" are you saying that it's a level 3 switch or just stating the LAN subnet coming from PFsense.  I'm guessing it's just the subnet, but let's clarify and add all the details.

    After that, I would say:

    1.  give us your firewall rules that allow traffic in both directions along with PFsense's routing table
    2.  give us the routing table on ubiquiti loco (router mode) sitting on

  • LAN IP is

    Its one physical switch that is represented

    LAN Rules
    Internal is an alias for 192.168.1 and 192.168.11 subnets

    ID	Proto	Source	Port	Destination	Port	Gateway	Queue	Schedule	Description	
     *	*	*	LAN Address	22,80,443	*	*		Anti-Lockout Rule	
    *	 *	 *	 *	 *	 none	  	 Default allow Nebar to any rule 	
    *	 LAN net	 *	 *	 Nebar	 none	  	 Default allow LAN to any rule 	
    TCP	Internal	 *	 *	 443 (HTTPS)	 LoadBalance_Secure	 none	  	 SSL Static 	
    *	Internal	 *	 *	 *	 LoadBalance_Night	 none	  Night	 Default allow LAN to any rule 	
    *	Internal	 *	 *	 *	 LoadBalance	 none	  	 Default allow LAN to any rule 	
     *	 *	 *	 *	 *	 *	 none	  	 Pass All 

    PFSense Route Table

    Destination	Gateway	Flags	Refs	Use	Mtu	Netif	Expire
    default	UGS	0	395589	1500	vr2	link#2	U	0	907008	1500	vr1	00:0d:b9:26:5d:ad	UHS	0	744	1500	vr1	00:0d:b9:26:5d:ad	UHS	0	732	1500	vr1	link#2	UHS	0	207	16384	lo0	link#3	U	0	62628	1500	vr2	link#3	UHS	0	3	16384	lo0	link#5	UH	0	464	16384	lo0	link#1	U	0	37586441	1500	vr0	link#1	UHS	0	0	16384	lo0	UGS	0	1189298	1500	vr1	UGS	0	1309881	1500	vr0	 

    more logs of SOME traffic being blocked from subnet to subnet (not all traffic is blocked)

    Mar 1 06:18:50	LAN	TCP:SA
    Mar 1 06:19:50	LAN	TCP:SA
    Mar 1 06:19:56	LAN	TCP:SA
    Mar 1 06:21:00	LAN	TCP:SA
    Mar 1 06:22:04	LAN	TCP:SA
    Mar 1 06:23:08	LAN	TCP:SA

    Loco Route Table	WLAN	LAN	WLAN

  • Can't statefully filter asymmetrically routed traffic. System>Advanced, Firewall/NAT, check "Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface"

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